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HQedu.eu provides high quality European education in the English language. Kids from 11 to 19 years old study online from home. We make it easy for them to understand English texts by including supportive visual features.

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1. Education for the 21st Century 

The key to success in today’s global world is a good education and the English language. With us, your kids get both.

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2. English like a native speaker 

Regular studying in English helps your kids acquire English in a similar way like their mother tongue. Soon they will be able to think and communicate in English with ease.

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3. Fun interactive learning 

Learning can be fun! We provide seven subjects in an entertaining and interactive form: literature, mathematics, natural sciences, geography, history, physics and chemistry.


4. No trouble understanding

Included are supportive visual features which help your kids understand difficult vocabulary and make the texts easily comprehensible for them.

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5. Plenty of practice

Practice makes perfect! Significant part of learning is regular practice. As a result, your kids will gain deeper understanding and master the subject.

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6. Top team of authors 

Our teachers are professionals in their respective fields. They have a good sense of humour and prepared for your kids attractive and engaging learning materials.

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7. Study anywhere and anytime 

Whether you are using a laptop, tablet or smart phone, our intelligent design will adapt to your device. Your kids will have access to education anywhere and anytime.

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Get them high quality European education and grant them head start.

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our students say it best:


  • I got a head start with you, hqedu. Cheers.Students at desk in classroom Jane H.

  • I learnt so much, thank you. It's much better than at school. Students at desk in classroom Ruben Z.

  • I improved my school scores significantly. Students working on laptops  Terrell S.

  • My English is now way, way better.SuzanK Agnieszka W.

  • Thank you for convenient and affordable education.Teenage Student Ingrid N.


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